Saturday, June 14, 2008

Love Forever, Love Is Free

I still remember the time when I used to run down the stairs of the apartment building i used to stay at earlier holding the shiny black shoes that my maid polished for me in my hands at 8:20 AM in the morning with my mom's constant "you haven't finished your breakfast yet, come back here right now" ringing in my ears. I would run to my car and my sister would follow. She was the Head Girl then and would get away with being 2 minutes late for the morning assembly while I had to run around the front field of my school twice because of her friends who complained all the time to her about my not being on time to school. We would listen to this compilation called 'Progressive Rock' something while we were on our way to school and I still remember the album art. It was pink and it had a ballet dancer sort of thing. I remember the sequence of the songs too. There was 'Here is Gone' by the Goo Goo Dolls and then this song by Staind that would follow. I was probably the only girl in class 6 who listened to Def Leppard. I miss it. All of it. I missed those converations we used to have in the morning in the car and I miss her asking me for a pen to put this wierd little star on her palm. After she passed out of school, the senior school teachers called me "Divyashri's sister" for almost a year or two. I was twelve. I hadn't made my mark yet. I'm seventeen now. The senior school teachers know me as Kavyashri, ex-Head Girl and Student Editor, batch of 2008. So many similarities. Not the same path. I'm not following the cliche of taking the path less travelled or anything but it's definitely not the same. She's still seven years older, still the one older and wiser... But now it's getting tattoos together and hanging out at the coolest places on the planet. It's strange sometimes how people change and how some people keep loving you no matter what you become or who you become and however you change, for better or for worse.


Anonymous said...

Change is the only constant in life. True love is necessarily unconditional.

Nice blog. Glad to see some people from HPS still punctuate :-)

Abhishek said...

whoooshhhh, read your blog and it took me an hour to do so..

btw .. I forgot.. HPS still rocks..

Was in the 10th '06 batch. Thanks to you recalled all 'the' at HPS.

Happy to see people who blog..coz I dont