Friday, June 13, 2008

More Than A Reminiscence

Teenagers face some of the most difficult situations in life. Their adolescence makes them seem more complicated than they actually are. This is not merely a reminiscence but more of a message to today’s teens telling them what they can learn and how they can benefit from a place and different people there who are greater than its magnificence.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, said Thomas H. Bayley. I attended school one comparatively cold January morning, while the preparation holidays for the class 12 Board Examinations were on. I was on my way to the Science Block of my school, when Mr. Dennis Powell, my favourite teacher was walking past me and casually said, “I see you are missing school already!” Those words were enough for everything around me to become blur. That was when I realized that I will not buy a new uniform and a pair of shiny back shoes for the first day of a new academic year. Thirteen years is a very long time, but it seemed like I stepped into this place I call my world just yesterday. I am reminded of a quote by Austin Dobson from the ‘Paradox of Time’. He said, “Time goes you say? Alas, time stays. We go.”

Coming to terms with the fact that the most amazing days of your life are over isn’t easy. There’s the sinking feeling you get when the last Board Examination is over and you know that it’s the last day you’ll be dressed in that uniform you’re excited to wear every morning. To leave the ‘Generation Next’ inspired, it would be appropriate to quote Kipling from my favourite poem, “If”.
“If you can dream, and not make dreams your master,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.”

Through the years, I’ve learnt that if it’s one thing that you need to survive the big, bad world out there waiting to pounce on you, it is self-belief. You are what you are today not because of circumstance, but because of the way you chose to benefit from it. Sometimes, you need to rise above and be better than the person you are if you have the slightest feeling that you’re a disappointment to your worth. Figure out the one thing that will rekindle the desire to be the person you’ll be proud of being if you are lost. I was lost once and my sister said to me, “The world is your oyster, just waiting to make your dreams come true. Just figure out what they are and see the magic that follows.” Those words worked like magic. It could be a few words from your most favourite person, a place, a book, a movie or even music that you could find inspiration in. Recognize yourselves as inheritors of a proud tradition in this country and believe that you are entitled to a rightful place on this planet. Believe in the infinite opportunities that are waiting just for you and be certain of the fact that nothing can hold you from achieving your rightful destiny. I have been taught to have that indomitable spirit to rise. I was uncertain earlier, but I know what my favourite word is now. Believe.


Crazy Amnesiac said...

Well..the post smells like nostalgia... i honestly loved it... :)

about the self belief part..i have a belief in my abilities.. but i also believe its not coming out...the channels for outflow are slowly getting blocked...

u have a smart anecdote for that?

Kavyashri said...

Not an anecdote... But... For your beliefs to materialize you need approval. That approval has to come from within. Not from someone else.. Your parents, your boss.. Once you approve of yourself and know that the difference you can make to the people and places around you is tremendous, you will be able to achieve anything you wish to.