Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mere casualties.

So I got a text message earlier in the day about this candle light vigil that's being organised in the city. I am considering the option of going to get my voice heard, but really, is my presence there justified? I pray for the peace of the affected families and the people of the city of Mumbai. Holding a candle and adding to the huge number of people walking on the streets with candles in their hands doesn't necessarily result in turn over of the steps taken to ensure safety to all the ctizens of this country. I heard about this family in Bombay... They apparently make peace with each other every morning after a fight they had at night and say those three magic words to each other before leaving home to work or school simply becasue they wouldn't know which of them they won't see again the night after. That isn't going to change. The government that's blinded to the concerns of the people isn't going to change its agenda. It took such a huge disaster for the corporate world to react to terrorist attacks in the country. The deaths of poor people that sold coconuts or the deaths of cobblers on the streets of the city didn't evoke such a reaction simple because each one of them didn't affect the other's life in this country. The economy of the country was being threatened when the Taj was attacked. There are several conclusions that can be drawn from the unfortunate incident that took place. I visited my sister last summer at the hotel and stayed with her for a few days, we had breakfast at the Trident and I passed by Cafe Leopold several times. Learning that these places have bullet holes in their windows and walls is tragic. There are so many questions. The bullet proof jackets that the policemen were wearing didn't match up to international standards. They weren't good enough for protection against the guns the terrorists were equipped with. Is it the fault of the system? Is it our fault for electing a Government that brings about no change in the system even after seventeen terror attacks on different parts of the country? Will holding a candle and walking on the streets with several other people with similar questions in their heads bring about a change? I wait for an answer to yet another rhetorical question.