Monday, September 06, 2010

Inked X 3

"Lately I've been feeling low
A remedy is what I'm seeking
Take a taste of what's below
Come away to something better
What I want is what I've not got
But what I need is all around me
Reaching searching never stop
And I'll say...

If you could keep me floating just for a while
'Til I get to the end of this tunnel...mummy
If you could keep me floating just for a while
I'll get back to you

Take a Jimi Thing
Just to keep me swingin'
I'd like to show you what's inside
I shouldn't care if you don't like it
Brother chaos rules all about
Sometimes I walk there
Sometimes, God knows, I take a bus there
I should't care I shouldn't care bereaved as
I'm feeling...."

So this is a little thank YOU and a reminder to myself that I have the greatest people as my friends and family. Thank you for lighting up my life in ways more than one, bearing with me when I’ve had rough days and laughing with me at other times Not to sound all deep, but this is just symbolic of the happiness in my life and it’s just that I love where I’m at now, despite being away from most of the people I need every minute of everyday. This is because of what we've been through and what we haven't, through the years. Thank you for being my Jimi Thing.

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